Marquesina fotovoltaica II

Fotovoltaic Shade II. Madrid, Spain 


This photovoltaic canopy is a structure built on top of a small existing pavilion on the roof of a main building. It is a support of solar panels that generate electrical energy for the self-consumption of an office and at the same time shades the pavilion and an outdoor rest area for its employees. Additionally, sun overheating of the roof is reduced.

The structure is made with four 9m long trusses that are supported only in the center, spanning 4.5m on each side. On the side above the existing building, it is anchored to prevent the structure from swaying, and at the opposite end there are some flowerpots hanging that, in addition to improving the environmental humidity conditions, represent a counterweight against wind suction.

The structure is made with light profiles (plasterboard standard system) screwed in situ and assembled without the need for any auxiliary means.

The set is reversible. All joints are removable

Architect: Ignacio Borrego
Project: 2024
Construction: 2024
Collaborators: Adrián Castro Ampuero, Paolo Mura
Location: Madrid
Structure: Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos
Fotovoltaic Installation: Lodeal Energía
Fotos: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzman + Rocio Romero)
Installed power: 8,18 kWp

Budget: 6.500€

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