67 Dwellings in Colmenar Viejo (IVIMA), Madrid


67 Dwellings in Colmenar Viejo, Spain

Competition. 2007 – Fist Prize

There are different ways of approaching sites and one them consists on not arriving. We fly across the proximities of the mountains outside Madrid and we choose a hillside to alight briefly. The slope let us relate to the distant environs without having to peer out, looking at Colmenar Viejo, Madrid´s mountains and the capital on the horizon. The topographic and geological premises invite us to preserve and use them as fundamental triggers for the operation. The ground in its natural state and the bedrock float gently, without disturbing the original terrain.

The rug on which we arrive alight on the topography, adapting its shape to the contours, configuring a new inhabitable territory. It is composed of equal units that rest on top of each other and also at occasional points of the slope, reproducing the topography geometry.
All of the 67 dwellings are entered

Access to each of the 67 homes occurs under a cloud perforates by light patios and these units are organized into two parts; more open and outgoing corresponds equipped with wide space and direct communication with the outside. The second part of the house is the one that corresponds to areas of rest, study, play, introverted courtyard related activities.

dosmasuno arquitectos – Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro and Lina Toro
Colaborator architect: Stephanie Casha

Developer: Instituto de la Vivienda de Madrid (IVIMA)
Competition: Fist Prize. (2007)
Colaborators: Sálvora Feliz (Project leader), Begoña de Abajo, Jean-Baptiste Barbet, Marius Ege, Marko Licen, Qianyi Lim, Paula Raimúndez, Carlos Ramos, Alberto Rey, Teresa Rodríguez, Daniel Ruiz, Jerónimo van Schendel
Quantity Surveyors: Javier Mach y Javier González
Structrures: Valladares ingenieros
Services: Asetecnic
Built area: 9.327,56 m2
Budget: 5.567.830,75€

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