Central Library and Museum for the University of Alcala


Central Library and Museum for the University of Alcala

Competition. 2007 – First Prize.

Occupying a historic building. We thought that the project for the new Central Library of Alcalá de Henares University should not be strictly limited to a refurbishment task, in which a new program and furniture are to supersede the original ones. It should be understood as an insertion into an existing party-wall, acquiring its shape, absorbing light and fresh air, and opening towards the sky as the only possible way out. This implies the creation of a new space within an existing heritage building which features its own identity, and which is as well respectfully introduced into a formerly built context.

The development of spatial strategies to occupy a given volume, as well as the generation of an inner façade to link and accommodate the new uses into the already existent building, are some of the keys through which the project evolved. Besides, it was equally important to develop an independent and flexible constructive process, neutral and nuanced at the same time, which ensured the adaptation of the new program without constraining it physically.

dosmasuno arquitectos – Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro y Lina Toro
Developer: Universidad de Alcala (UAH)
Competition: First Prize (2007)
Construction: 2008
Colaborators: Begoña de Abajo, Jean-Baptiste Barbet, Marius Ege, Sálvora Feliz, Marko Licen, Qianyi Lim, Paula Raimúndez, Carlos Ramos, Alberto Rey, Teresa Rodríguez, Daniel Ruiz, Jerónimo van Schendel
Surveyors: Javier Mach y Javier González

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