Public Library in Las Tablas, Madrid

Public library in Las Tablas, Madrid

Competition. 2019


A square hosts and represents the center of the urban life. It’s a public, accessible and dynamic space that, from the origin of the city,  allows citizen socialization and the development of their own identity.

The town square, the market square, the church square, are spaces that have solved important social functions in a lot of urban centres. Moreover, these spaces defined different areas through their presence and activities.

The project of a public library in the district of Las Tablas it’s an opportunity both to provide a necessary equipment and to create a meeting place that allows the identity’s development of the community.

For these reasons it is one of the main premises of the proposal to take advantage of the public space outside and inside the library.

A public space required using an occupation of ground that isn’t automatically available, so this is the occasion to turn the project into a building with a double function: a library and a new square.

Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos 

Architects: Ignacio Borrego, Gabriela Barrera

Collaborators: Francesca Piva and Pauline De Vathaire

Competition: 2019

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