Carboniferous Forest at the National Museum of Energy, Ponferrada


Carboniferous Forest at the National Museum of Energy, Ponferrada

Competition. 2011 – 3rd Prize

Given the architectural challenge of building a greenhouse, hosting a Carboniferous Forest rendering from imported natural species and recreated artificial ones, the answer should be maximum simplicity in decision-making, without losing the representativeness of an expected public building such as a Museum.

The content is on this occasion should also be the protagonist and the architecture but must be defined for it. Similarly, formal exuberance of the content requires extreme rigor in formalizing the architectural, structural and infrastructural system containing it. Therefore, the sequence of decisions made throughout the design process, have always drifted into contention, looking for formal simplicity and constructive solutions that could provide an extra uniqueness. Thus, the building for the Carboniferous Forest, hidden partially buried under a mountain, yet stands by structural uniqueness of the dome.

dosmasuno arquitectos – Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro y Lina Toro
Colaborators: Marie Persson y Carlos Ramos
Sustainability: María Rosa de la Iglesia Arranz
Structure: Xavier Aguiló (BOMA)
Developer: Museo Nacional de la Energía
Competition: 3rd Prize (2011)

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