Palacio de Congresos y Ferias de Cuenca


Congress, Exhibitions and Fairs Palace in the City of Cuenca

Competition. 2011 – 2nd Prize

The project for the Palace of Congresses, Exhibitions and Fairs of the City of Cuenca presents a double challenge. On the one hand, it reacts to a difficult site on the edge of the city, an answer should turn problems into opportunities, and allow to develop and enrich a proposal which respects the context. On the other hand, the complex and extensive program must have a clear organization that offers a suggestive, continuous and comprehensive picture, and yet builds the peculiarities of each of the uses of the program.

Thus, the first project decisions were taken in order to make a careful and respectful implementation with an environment of natural memory, worked by human hands, building a unitary element that identifies the institution with its deserved singularity.

dosmasuno arquitectos – Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro y Lina Toro
Colaborators: Carlos Ramos
Developer: Municipality of Cuenca
Competition: 2nd prize (2011)

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