Campus de la Justicia de Madrid


City of Justice of Madrid, Spain

Competition. 2005 – Mention, selected 2nd Phase

Security and justice program are the key issues that define the proposal. Security becomes an important value of a proposal that suggests raising the level of the Campus of Justice as a first step to isolate and filter actually a safe inside from a stranger outside.

This level and the natural slope create a descending topography, a valley, where the Campus of Justice flows.

Taking the form of an interior garden, the valley is built green.

Along this field, a large paved runway surface intersects and crosses the entire solar offering access to the different buildings that make up the campus as well as the functions that define the valley itself on its perimeter.

dosmasuno arquitectos – Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro and Lina Toro
Developer: Campus de la Justicia de Madrid
Competition: Mention, selected 2nd phase (April-July 2005)
Colaborators: Claudia Cardoso y Robert Ochsenfart.
Surveyors: Javier Mach y Javier González
Services and Structural engineering: ESTEYCO
Built area: 300.000 m2

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