ALU Artforum in Zagreb, Croatia


ALU Artforum in Zagreb, Croatia

Competition. 2014

A museum is a place between two worlds. At one side we have the observer, and at the other side we have the artist with his or her art works. A museum is the place where these two extremes meet, a journey from one to the other. The ALU artforum will be that meeting point between visitors and art, and at the same time the place separating the city life from the quietness of a garden. A space in between.

The new museum occupies the plot with the aim of respecting the memory of the city, respecting volumes and keeping certain silence to the street, and focusing more attention to the inner courtyard.

The program is divided in two different parts: exhibiting areas, and the rest of the uses that come with them. The whole buildable volume is conceived as a continuous art space, and the supplementary programs float inside it.

Architects: Ignacio Borrego and Alejandro de Miguel
Developer: Zagreb Municipality, Croatia
Competition: 2014

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