Emergency Center of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Emergency Center of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Competition. 2013

The site shows two different scales with opposite characteristics to consider. On the one hand, the immediate environment is conditioned by the roads that give the plot an unattractive infrastructural nature of periphery of the city. However, the distant surroundings provide a view linked to the topography with beautiful scenery.

In an emergency center two opposite uses meet: an area related to the critical moment of the emergency call in with an optimal spatial efficiency to reduce the response time to a minimum, and a waiting area, which should offer differentiated domestic qualities.

This architectonic proposal offers a radical division between these two worlds. On one hand vehicles, machinery and emergency spaces are located on the ground floor directly connected to the surrounding streets to allow a quick exit. On the other hand, we find the waiting program on the deck, floating over emergency spaces, facing the surrounding landscape.

Architects: Ignacio Borrego and Alejandro de Miguel
Developer: Ljubljana Municipality, Slovenia
Competition: 2013

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