Escuela de Música en Amorebieta, Vizcaya


School of Music in Amorebieta, Spain

Competition. 2015 – 2nd Prize (exaequo)

A music school is a place with a double vocation; on the one hand it is an isolated space where you can focus your attention without any distraction, but on the other hand is a meeting space directly connected to the city and its inhabitants.

We propose to build in this place without disassociating it from the environment. The existing void after the health Center is demolished offers a back to the south boundary, and opens generously towards other directions. Despite the importance of the northern dimension orientation, the presence of homes invites to turn the view to the Zelaieta park and respect the privacy of the residential building.That way we open the music school towards and friendly environment.

Following its social essence, the school is open to the city, and offers part of the ground floor to widen the sidewalk and allows a wider walk along the street Txiki Oteagui. The classrooms look out for the views of the park, restoring the volume of the existing building and protect this city sidewalk space, with a sort of arcade, such as the residential building on the other side of the street.

Architect: Ignacio Borrego
Collaborator Architect: Alejandro de Miguel
Collaborators: Lukasz Uminski
Developer: Amorebieta-Etxano Municipality
Competition: 2nd Prize ex aequo (2015)

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