Spa in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain


Spa in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

Competition. 2015

Respecting the memory of a place is listening its movement and its nature. The composition of this volcanic environment leads us to the igneous origin, a material from the deep earth where a rapid cooling enables us to observe the gaps left by the gas bubbles escaping during solidification of magma.

A perforated volume of concrete with basalt aggregates would configurate its presence in a landscape of extrusive rocks produced in Teneguía volcanoes.

The spa would be part of the existing topography providing a minimum platform that would allow the emergence of a public ponds and hide a spa and parking.

In the second area of the competition a similar implementation is proposed in which the accommodation units are adapted to the slope to enjoy the views, and common uses for tourist are implanted next to the access road. These uses are fragmented in several sectors that could be developed in different phases depending on the demand and the economic resources.

Architect: Ignacio Borrego
Collaborator Architect: Alejandro de Miguel
Collaborators: Gabriela Barrera
Developer: Regional Government of La Palma
Competition: 2015

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