Centro de visitantes de la Selva Negra, Baden-Württemberg


Visitors Center of the National Park of the Black Forest, Germany

Competition. 2014

One more tree in the forest.

To see and not to be seen. Hidden among the trees, the new visitor center in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) appears discreetly to overlook the valley. The building becomes a new tree that grows between conifers and accommodates its branches to the available spaces.

by open spaces with flexibility for different exhibitions and use. At each level the program extends into the forest by projections that frame the landscape and emphasize its interest.

An outer ventilated façade out of natural wood in vertical slats gives continuity to the volume and would disguise all the large windows that supplement lighting and views. A dark color behind the light slats, produces a changing hue according to the position of outside observer, that the skin of the building would resemble the bark of conifers.

Architect: Ignacio Borrego
Collaborators: Mónica Gaspar Bonilla, Aleksandra Łopuszyńska, Mateusz Stawarski.
Developer: Land Baden_Württenberg – Vermögen und Bau Baden_Württenberg
Competition: 2014

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