Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade



Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

Competition, Honorable Mention 2022

Approaching a built environment, especially with the history of this urban enclave in the center of Belgrade, implies listening to its memory, but it is also an opportunity to reveal its hidden potential.
The competition site represents a void in an urban cornice that must be restored. The Karađorđeva street environment has the vocation of an urban socle and the new faculty must become a new gentle piece in a set with a certain homogeneity, a new instrument in an orchestra in which it finds its place without going out of tune. Volumetrically, it seems evident that the built mass must follow the lines marked by the adjacent buildings and try to integrate into the urban landscape.
Even though according to the regulation plan, we are allowed to build up to 18 m on 75% of the plot, we deliberately waive this right, thus allowing unobstructed visual connection between Kosančićev Venac and Sava River. However, this volumetric carefulness does not prevent the new intervention from offering an iconic public space that allows the upper part of the historic center to overlook the banks of the Sava River, next to its confluence with the Danube.
The new Faculty of Applied Arts, in its effort to limit its height in order to integrate itself, becomes the support of an urban viewpoint that appears to improve this area of the city.

Architects: Ignacio Borrego, Mirza Vranjaković, Gaizka Altuna Charterina
Collaborators: Emina Kočan
Images: Loran Asaad

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