Jardín muerto, Madrid


Dead Garden. Madrid, Spain


The intervention in Fuencarral opens this place to the public. This change radically alters its character in contrast to the intimate use of a private garden.

Functional needs and preexisting conditions organize space through a series of inert pieces; tree, floor and wall.

The death of a Lambertian cupresus macrocarpa, required the construction of a skeleton to keep a glycine that had grown over it. The floor folds to accommodate a parking space and the wood of dead tree. A wall appears, making separation between the inner garden and the dead garden.

Life is purposeful movement. Each body is comprised of a series entities reproduced in other combinations to survive. Dead objects are the ones that cannot be cured, are passive demonstration of events, factual diary of unfelt experiences. Death cannot stop the motion, only the will that produces it. This place lost its freedom when it died, and is doomed to express the pass of time.

Architects: Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro, Lina Toro y Santiago Becerra
Developer: Private

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